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4 Jul


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I Think this is one of those transformers that combine with other transformers that makes a shitty, barely holds together larger transformer. Say what you want about Gobots, but their shit held together.

I like how the bootleggers didn’t bother to even change the fucking sticker sheet.

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3 Jul

Don’t be fooled, it’s those CEED assholes again.

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Jojo, known for their fine transforming robots.


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2 Jul











I don’t even know what the fuck is going on here. At first glimpse, it seems like a cool set with a bunch of shit in it, but then you open it and you get a few little toys and a shitload of styrofoam. Does it become a robot? What are the zip things for. One fucking fist?

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2 Jul

If you looked like this in the 80s, you probably got beat up. I think I got beat up wearing the exact same outfit at the bus stop. Nothing says punch me in the gut like a purple izod shirt and chinos from Bradlees.


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1 Jul

You know, as opposed to all those non-functional robots your asshole parents got you.


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